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IMGL 2023 Spring Conference

April 26-28, 2023


IMGL 2023 Spring Conference

April 26-28, 2023 Napa, California

We’re so looking forward to seeing you all in beautiful Napa Valley this April! We realize that many of you are making a trek over here from various parts of the world. To make things a bit easier, here are some recommendations on the best ways to get to Napa:

1) San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Francisco International Airport, located roughly 60 miles from Napa (up to 2 hours), is the largest airport in the bay area and represents a major hub for travel in and out of the City. While virtually every form of transportation service is available from SFO, we recommend taking Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) from the airport to the San Francisco Ferry Building where passengers can board the Vallejo Ferry for a relaxing and scenic trip across the Bay. From Vallejo, travelers can pick up the Napa Vine route 11 shuttle to downtown Napa. Uber or taxi from SFO Airport is also an option, though can be costly. Please refer to our below options for private transportation companies.

2) Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Budget conscious travelers looking at alternate airports for deals and international visitors to the wine country interested in bypassing the San Francisco bustle will have the option to land across the bay in Oakland. The airport itself is a bit smaller, but hosts millions of travelers per year nonetheless. OAK offers all of the usual transportation options; however, the best choice for ease and the value will be Evans Inc. airport transportation service.

3) Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

Flying into Sacramento International Airport affords the traveler with a much more intimate airport experience than SFO and Oakland. Getting out of the airport is easier too. Napa Shuttle & Limousine is the go to concierge and transport from California’s capital city airport, and in addition to providing a luxury ride to Napa Valley from the airport.

Here is a list of private transportation companies out of SFO and their starting prices (rates could vary depending on time of day):

  1. MGL Limo – $318
  2. Ecko Worldwide Transportation – $334
  3. SFO Napa Car Service – $346
  4. SF City Limo – $270 – $340
  5. Five Emerald Limousine – $416
  6. Five Stars Limousine – $354.85
  7. American Limo Services – $324

Renting a car is also a great option as it gives you the flexibility to drive around Napa at your leisure, and could be more cost effective.

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