RMC Legal


Regulatory Management Counselors P.C. (RMC) is a professional corporation in the state of Michigan, U.S.A. made up of legal, business, governmental and public relations consulting professionals able to service the diverse needs of clients working in the casino gaming industry, as well as other heavily regulated industries. RMC has decades of professional experience servicing the legal and regulatory needs of individuals, businesses, and non-profit corporations working in the gaming industry. Regulated industries require businesses to engage in ongoing reporting and disclosure to key governmental agencies. Working closely with their clients, the professionals at RMC proactively assist in the development of systems and methods to ensure that governmental requirements are fully complied with in a timely and accurate manner. As a result of the global gaming industry’s strict regulatory guidelines and ever-changing technology, specialized knowledge and skills are required to help ensure compliance. RMC stays up to date on the various state, federal and local laws governing gaming.  The professionals at RMC have been involved in the gaming industry in the state of Michigan since its inception and have compiled a comprehensive library of historic resources to assist clients meet their regulatory objectives.   RMC has also developed a comprehensive information tracking and data collection system which allows for immediate access to developments that impact their clients. RMC has established relationships with key regulators and has developed a mature network of legal and consulting professionals to assist clients with the wide range of issues that arise.