November 2021 President’s Message

November 3, 2021

What a year 2021 has been so far (and we still have one months to go!)  From the depths of the pandemic to regional conferences to our fall joint conference with IAGR and then big crowds in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Las Vegas; it is an amazing thing to see the IMGL on the forefront of not just gaming but of the global re-opening.

Just this year we have already held three regional conferences, a full joint conference, over a dozen IMGL Masterclasses, and multiple receptions across Europe and the United States.  IMGL speakers have covered everything from advertising to ethics to igaming to the post-Covid world of terrestrial gaming.   With events Florida, Nevada, Indiana, Illinois, and Massachusetts in the United States, only the IMGL had an active educational presence throughout the entirety of 2021.   That presence was emphasized with IMGL Masterclasses and receptions in Barcelona and Amsterdam too.  

Now, we only have about sixty days until 2022.  In this short time, we have a new edition of the IMGL Magazine, a half day of IMGL Masterclasses in Malta and a half day in Austin, Texas.   I encourage you to study the new 3rd Edition of the IMGL Magazine.  Behind the strong leadership of editor in chief Dr. Simon Planzer and the steady helm of our Head of Publications Phil Savage, this edition is the best one yet.   The scope of articles are un-paralleled in the world of gaming law.  Click here [INSERT LINK] to access the new edition. 

On November 16, the IMGL will hold a full afternoon of IMGL Masterclasses at SiGMA in Malta.   Covering responsibility in gaming, advertising updates and a regulatory review of Canada and the United States, our IMGL Masterclasses look to be exceptional.  Our thanks to WH Partners for supporting these IMGL Masterclasses and to our newest strategic partner SiGMA for their work on this great annual event.

Then our education year ends on December 12, 2021, in Austin, Texas at the National Council of Legislative Gaming States conference.   The hottest topics in the United States are on tap:  distributed gaming and iGaming.  We have a long-term relationship with NCLGS and after an enormously successful IMGL Masterclass in Chicago in July, this looks to be a fantastic Sunday in Austin.

All that and I haven’t even mentioned 2022:  ICE, Seattle, London, G2E, and on and on.   Just wait for all the updates on our events next year, it is going to be amazing!

It is my honor and deep responsibility to serve as your President this year.   Please contact me at any time at with any comments or suggestions.   If you have ideas of venues, events, articles or anything else, just let me know…day or night.  Along with our Executive Director Brien VanDyke, and our entire Executive Committee, we are here to serve you and to make the IMGL even better.