Looking Ahead to Summer

April 24, 2023

Welcome to April, soon to be May!

Many of us are en route to Napa for our spring conference which promises to be a tremendous opportunity for learning and networking. I would like to put on record my thanks on your behalf to the organizing committee led by Greg Giordano for their hard work in arranging such an attractive program combining education and enjoyment in a stunning location.

Of course, Napa is not our only conference this year and plans are already well advanced for our autumn event which will be in Zurich at the start of September. For the remaining few days of April we are offering a super early bird discount of $100 off the full price and I encourage you to take advantage. Receiving your registration early not only qualifies you for a discount, it enables the organizers to plan more effectively for the event so do help us to help you.

This month sees the long-awaited launch of our new website with which will soon become familiar. As well as being a much more attractive destination, there are some specific things that we have done to enhance our online service both for members and non-members alike. The biggest technical change is in the way that our archive of expert content is arranged and stored. Each article is individually tagged and archived in what will soon become one of the most accessible and comprehensive resources for gaming law around. This is in line with our educational mission but it also benefits contributors to the IMLG Magazine who will see their article gain traction for a much longer period through the power of the internet. That’s just one more great reason for writing for our magazine.

We have worked hard to make it easier to renew your IMGL membership and to pay your dues online as well as to register for our conferences. The conference pages have also been given a facelift so do check these out. Lastly, we have tried to give our members greater visibility through the site and through the event promotions we do through our partners so that industry players around the world know that is the go-to place to find expert gaming law advice in their jurisdictions. Do share your feedback about the website or any other issue with me or with our executive director Brien van Dyke.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person in Napa, at one of our numerous masterclass events in Malta, Toronto, Miami, Barcelona, London and elsewhere and of course at our autumn event in Zurich. IMGL is the kind of professional network which gives you more the more you put into it, and I encourage you to get involved at every opportunity.