July 2022

July 25, 2022

The Midpoint of 2022 as the IMGL is on a roll!

Here we are just past the halfway mark of 2022 and there is so much that has happened in the IMGL in the last little more than six months; but so much more to look forward to in the remainder of 2022.   As the President of the IMGL, I am proud at the involvement of all our members and our partnerships across the globe. 

The IMGL held its inaugural New Regulator Training, in conjunction with IAGR, in New York City on July 11.  The IMGL identified a need in the gaming industry, as there is not a consistent training for newly appointed regulators.   The IMGL created a full day of training where new regulators to work and interact directly with experienced regulators and IMGL members to discuss the how, why, what, and best practices of regulation in the United States.   The event was a such a success, that we anticipate more trainings in the second half of 2022 and expanding into 2023. 

Backing up, we started 2022 with IMGL Masterclasses across the globe.  In April, we started with the Annual Gaming Industry Event in Amsterdam and our joint reception with Kalff, Katz and Franssen.  Then just three days later, the IMGL put on, in conjunction with our strategic partner Clarion, a full day of the World Regulatory Briefing at ICE Total Gaming in London.  The next night the IMGL and Ince Gordon Dadds hosted our annual reception, this year at the Merchants and Taylors Hall in the City. 

IMGL Masterclasses were also held in conjunction with our partner SiGMA at SportsBeats in Malta and at Betting on Sports in London.   These masterclasses are the latest chapter of our newest partnership that continues to grow on a global basis.

The IMGL also partnered with NCLGS, our longest standing formal relationship, to provide two IMGL Masterclasses in Boston at the NCLGS annual conference.   The next week an IMGL Masterclass was held at SBC North America at the Meadowlands in the New York metro.

The Spring Conference in Seattle, Washington was a resounding success.  In addition to great attendance, wonderful sponsors, and a stellar set of panels; the IMGL renewed its commitment to being the leader in gaming law.   The Conference agenda focused on gaming law in tribal jurisdictions around the United States, new developments in states, and international actions that impact gaming on a global basis.   All of that and even a masterful ethics presentation on social media and ethics in one conference!

So how do we top the front half of the year?   Just wait until the Fall Conference in London, September 14-16.   Headquartered at the Landmark Hotel, the IMGL Fall Conference will focus on global gaming trends and developments from Europe, to the US and a special focus on emerging markets around the world.   Not to mention receptions, dinners, and a chance to renew our bonds of fellowship, London is not an event to be missed.   For more information click HERE.

There will be multiple IMGL Masterclasses in the late summer and throughout fall 2022:  Melbourne with IAGR; Barcelona with SBC; G2E with Reed and the AGA; Malta with SiGMA; and Las Vegas with NCLGS; just to mention a few.  Also, please don’t forget our annual reception at G2E on October 11 at La Cave at Wynn in Las Vegas.  

Keep your eye on our website: for new events and as always, please contact me at or our Executive Director Brien Van Dyke at at any time.   The IMGL is an amazing organization moving our industry forward for one and only reason, because of each of your commitments to the IMGL.   Thank you for that commitment and  I look forward to seeing each of you in London and at other gaming events around the world in 2022.