IMGL Masterclasses

September 19, 2016

IMGL Masterclasses stand for high-level discussions and interchange among experts

To further the IMGL mission of promoting gaming law education, IMGL introduced the first IMGL Masterclass in 2014  at ICE in London in cooperation with Clarion. Since then, there has been tremendous success with the IMGL Masterclasses. In 2015 alone, the IMGL held seven IMGL Masterclasses at different major events all over the world: in London, Gibraltar, Amsterdam, at G2E Las Vegas, in Berlin, the Isle of Man, Malta, Sofia, and Tel Aviv.  Originally designed as free-to-attend events, the fee status of future IMGL Masterclasses will be dependent on the specific event the IMGL Masterclass joins.

Unlike the IMGL-organized Spring or Autumn Conferences, the IMGL Masterclass is a conference format offered by the IMGL at international gaming events, including trade shows and conferences organized by others. IMGL provides the content and the expertise of our esteemed members and invited panellists – who share their knowledge with participants of the conference, network with each other, and enter into discussions on how to shape the future of gaming law on an international scale.

The IMGL Masterclass panelists include gaming experts — regulators, attorneys, industry executives, and educators — providing guidance regarding evolving issues in the gaming industry that are of interest to legislators, regulators, and others in the industry. Effectively, the IMGL Masterclass provides a platform beyond the yearly IMGL conferences for bringing together leading experts of the industry, legal advisers, and regulators in our global network.

IMGL Masterclasses stand for high-level discussions and interchange among experts. They strive to present only the best quality speakers and moderators — and the most up-to-date and relevant content in the IMGL Masterclass panels.