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Statement of Purpose

The International Masters of Gaming Law is the pre-eminent global gambling law networking and educational organization shaping the future of Gaming Law.  Our members are specialists in many gambling sectors – Compliance; Cross Border Regulation; iGaming; Legislative Affairs; Education; Lotteries; Taxation; Terrestrial Gambling; and Wagering. IMGL is at the forefront of the latest developments in international gambling law.

IMGL membership consists of 350 members and represents over 43 countries as well as members in 34 states and territories in the United States.

IMGL members are committed to participation in industry-sponsored conferences as well as the two yearly conferences sponsored by the IMGL. The IMGL conferences focus on issues facing the gaming practitioner worldwide.

The IMGL is creating a substantive body of gaming law work with our six magazines American Gaming Lawyer, Canadian Gaming Lawyer, European Gaming Lawyer, Asian Gaming Lawyer, Indian Gaming Lawyer, and La Ley del Juego (The Law of the Game), as well as publishing the Global Gaming Regulations Library, sponsoring the UNLV Gaming Law Journal and the Gaming Law Review and Economics publications.

The open networking and collective experience of its members makes the IMGL an integral and effective tool for the dissemination of gaming law developments worldwide. The IMGL members practice independently and not in a relationship for the joint practice of law.


Executive Committee

Chair: Joerg Hofmann

Members: Tony Coles, Kelly Duncan, Douglas Florence, Michael Lipton, Quirino Mancini, Mike McBride, Keith Miller, Jamie Nettleton, Robert Stocker, Mike Zatezalo


Chair: Mike McBride

Members: Joerg Hofmann, Justin Franssen, Mike Zatezalo

Staff Support:  Josh Dobbins, CPA


Co-Chairs: Marc Dunbar and Peter Kulick

Processing Support & Recordkeeping: Sue McNabb

Members: Tony Cabot, Frank Catania, Tony Coles, Jeffrey Cooper, Douglas Florence, Carlos Fonseca, Justin Franssen, Marc Ellinger, Marie Jones, Morden “Cookie” Lazarus, Michael Lipton, John Maloney, Ernest Matthews, Sean McGuinness, Jamie Nettleton, Kevin Quigley, Monika Racek, John Roberts, Daniel Schiffman, Sue Schneider, Heidi Staudenmaier, Robert Stocker, Wai Ming Yap

Marc Dunbar Daniel Wallach

Program Committee: 
IMGL Spring Conference Miami

Co-Chairs: Marc Dunbar and Daniel Wallach
Nine Henningsen Birgitte Sand

Program Committee: 
IMGL Autumn Conference Copenhagen

Co-Chairs: Nina Henningsen and Birgitte Sand

Program Committee:
IMGL Masterclass Sophia at Eastern European Gaming

Co-Chairs: Joerg Hofmann and Robert Stocker


Program Committee:
IMGL Masterclass at G2E 

Co-Chairs: Marc Ellinger and John Maloney

Members: Tony Coles, Joerg Hoffman, Michael Lipton, Douglas Florence, Michael McBride, Robert Stocker


Tony Coles

Program Committee:
IMGL ICE Masterclass

Co-Chairs: Joerg Hofmann and Tony Coles



Chair: Keith Miller

Members: Santiago Asensi Gisbert (Co-Editor, La Ley del Juego)
Anthony Cabot (UNVL Gaming Law Journal)
Jorge Godinho (Co-Editor, Asian Gaming Lawyer)
Joe Kelly (Co-editor and Chief, Gaming Law Review and Economics)
Peter Kulick (Assistant Editor, American Gaming Lawyer)
Alfredo Lazcano (Co-Editor, La Ley del Juego)
Michael Lipton (Editor, Canadian Gaming Lawyer)
Sue McNabb (Editor, American Gaming Lawyer)
Nick Nocton (Editor, European Gaming Lawyer)
I. Nelson Rose (Co-editor and Chief, Gaming Law Review and Economics)
Sue Schneider (Editor-at-Large, Gaming Law Review and Economics)
Dennis Whittlesey (Editor, Indian Gaming Lawyer)
Wai-Ming Yap (Co-Editor, Asian Gaming Lawyer)

Regulatory Enhancement

Chair: Sue Schneider

Members: Thomas Auriemma, William Bogot, A.G. Burnett, Frank Catania, Mark Clayton, Tiffany Conklin, Norm DesRosiers, Christopher Hinckley, John Maloney, Sean McGuinness, Ernest Matthews, Donna More, Richard Schuetz, Andre Wilsenach

Website / Technology

Co-Chairs: Marc Dunbar and Marc Ellinger

InVerve Website Coordinator: Fran Russell


Connie Jones

Gaming Regulator of the Year: North America

Chair: Connie Jones

Members: Thomas Auriemma, Leonard Blackwell, Kelly Duncan, Larry Eliason, Marie Jones, Mark Lipparelli, Stephen Martino, Kevin Mullally, Kevin O’Toole, Daurean Sloan

Gaming Regulator of the Year: Europe

Chair: Justin Franssen

​Members: Constantinos Couccoullis, Olga Finkel, John Hagan, Joe Kelly (Ireland), Stefano Sbordoni

Gaming Regulator of the Year: Central and South America

Chair: Ernest Matthews IV

Members: Dotan Baruch, Jose Luis Benavides, Frank Catania, Xavier Munoz, Katrina Nepomuceno, Jamie Nettleton

Gaming Regulator of the Year: Asia/Australasia

Chair: Jamie Nettleton


Gaming Regulator of the Year: Indian Country

Chair: Kevin Quigley

Members: Thomas Foley, Steven Light, Dean Luthey, Chris Masse, Mike McBride, Kathryn Rand, John Roberts, Judith Shapiro, Kate Spilde, Heidi Staudenmaier, Dennis Whittlesey, Jane Zerbi

Member Services

Chair: Dan Schiffman 

Members: Tony Cabot, Marc Ellinger, Douglas Florence, Michael Lipton, John Maloney, Morden "Cookie" Lazarus, Stefano Sbordoni

Responsible Gaming 

Chair: Connie Jones

Members: Jeffrey Derevensky, Nanette Horner, Alfredo Lazcano, Sue McNabb, Pieter Remmers, Monika Racek, Daniel Schiffman, Kate Spilde