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Pieter Calandlaan 317 - 319

PIETER REMMERS is a veteran in the area of responsible gaming, consultancy and training of gambling industry professionals. At present he has his own company, Assissa Consultancy Europe (since 1999). However, he has been involved in projects with the gambling industry already since 1989. Pieter started his career as the head of an outpatient clinic (part of Jellinek, the largest treatment agency on addictions in the Netherlands) and served as managing director of Jellinek Consultancy since the early ‘90’s. Pieter was involved in a number of surveys on problem gambling. Assissa Consultancy Europe works / worked on responsible gaming policies and programmes in a number of countries a.o. South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Italy, Spain (Catalunya) and Sweden. Besides Pieter is a consultant world wide for as well as the industry offline and online, casinos and lotteries and as well for regulators or other governmental bodies. In 1996 he became the co-chair of the section on gambling of the International Council on Alcohol and other Addictions (ICAA). Since 1997, he has been a member of the Executive Committee and serves as administrator / conference organizer of the European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG), the sponsor of major bi -annual conferences on gambling issues in Europe. Pieter is also a shareholder/board member of the Swedish company ACE Sweden/ Spelinstitutet and a Trustee of Gordon House / Gordon Moody Association in the UK. In 2003 he also was the initiator of G4 ( Global Gambling Guidance Group ) G4 is to set up an International Accreditation System on Responsible Gaming for the Remote and E-Gambling Industry. At present he is also very much involved in the development and carry out of online education programmes on problem gambling and responsible gaming for the gambling industry as well as online treatment modules, like a self help manual with assistance of professional (CBT /MI based) counseling.