Member Benefits

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  • Credibility

    Increased credibility of your firm or organization by being a member of the leading gaming law organization network worldwide.

  • Access

    Access to the top gaming attorneys, regulators, educators, executives and consultants from around the world.

  • Exposure

    Exposure on the IMGL website to generate referrals where you can post your biography, photo and articles you have written.

  • Publication

    Opportunity to publish articles in the IMGL magazine.

  • Opportunity

    Preferred speaking positions at IMGL conferences and other conferences in which IMGL is affiliated.

  • Connection

    Invitations to IMGL Member receptions at international gaming expos.

  • On-The-House

    Complimentary copies of the IMGL magazines.

  • Discounts

    Preferred member rate at IMGL Conferences where you can earn Continuing Legal Education credits.

  • Cooperation

    Discounts at other gaming law conferences in which IMGL is a Supporting Association (offered at the discretion of the conference organizers).