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Ernest C. Matthews IV

Affiliated - Counsel

Ernest.MatthewsIV's picture President/General Counsel, ISI - Maritime/Islands, Ltd.
2120 Golf Club Lane,
Nashville, TN 37215
Office: 1 702-866-9128
Mobile: 1 954-478-8758
Fax: 1-760-406-5881
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.isiraceandsports.com

Ernest Matthews is the President of ISI-Maritime/Islands, Ltd. who specializes in race and sports book risk management and related hardware and software development. He is also Of Counsel with Arista International, Ltd. as well as with the Swiss Gaming Corporation. Matthews has legal and business experience in the Pacific and European sectors. As gaming counsel he works in an advisory role for emerging gaming markets. Matthews offers advice to and participation in international gaming companies. He has done substantial transactional work for start-up companies and established businesses evolving into new markets. Matthews coordinates major litigation involving matters of local, federal and international legal concerns and does substantial work with governmental and political interests both domestically and internationally. He negotiates and organizes joint ventures and other associations. On behalf of his clients Matthews does promotional work, including public speaking.