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Tamara Malvin


Tamara.Malvin's picture Partner, Akerman LLP
201 East Las Olas Blvd, Suite 1800
Ft. Lauderdale , Florida 33301
Office: +1 954-759-8960
Mobile: +1 305-776-4080
Fax: +1
E-mail: [email protected]

Tammy represents businesses and individuals primarily in the U.S. gaming and hospitality sectors, as well international entities sued in the United States. She routinely advises resort, hotel, casino, and pari-mutuel owners and operators, local and foreign, on regulatory and other operational concerns, and manages litigation and appellate matters that arise on their behalf. Tammy regularly handles cases in federal and state court systems, ranging from contract disputes to premises liability defense to agency actions under the Administrative Procedures Act. She additionally has extensive experience defending foreign clients at the trial level and on appeal on the basis of forum non conveniens and enforcement of forum selection clauses to protect them from exposure in improper venues. Believing the best defense is often a good offense, Tammy works with clients before disputes arise, providing guidance to senior management for best practices relating to litigation and risk management, drafting, reviewing, and revising existing SOPs and forms, and conducting training sessions for client employees and middle management. Tammy’s clients also seek her counsel outside the courtroom to help navigate industry-specific laws, regulations, and government agencies, particularly with respect to commercial gaming, pari-mutuel operations, sports betting, online gaming, sweepstakes and contests.