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Richard Pingel

Affiliated - Executive

Rich.Pingel's picture Chief Legal Officer, Sportech PLC
600 Long Wharf Drive,
New Haven, Connecticut 06710
Office: +1 203-361-3413
Mobile: +1 203-361-8738
Fax: +1 203-789-2084
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.sportechplc.com/

Global head of legal and compliance for Sportech PLC, a world-wide leader in Sports and Entertainment services and technology. Responsible for the overall management of the international legal affairs of the Company and its subsidiaries. Oversees the legal, regulatory, contractual, and compliance matters of the Company, as well as providing counsel to Sportech PLC's Directors and Executives.Develops and leads corporate legal strategy to promote and protect Sportech PLC's various matters and interests. Oversees the delivery of legal services and resources to accomplish corporate goals, strategies, and priorities.Maintains proper Company interactions with relevant local, state and federal governmental bodies, legislatures, and the community at large. Participates in the formulation of general management policies as a member of the executive management team. Manages a team of counsel and other members of the Company's Legal Department and Compliance Programs.