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Judge Cheryl Moss

Affiliated - Regulator

Cheryl.Moss's picture District Court Judge, 8th Judicial District Court, State of Nevada
601 North Pecos Road,
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Office: +1 702-455-1887
Mobile: +1 702-460-4000
Fax: +1 702-384-5129
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.clarkcountycourts.us

Judge Cheryl Moss has served in Family Court since being elected in November 2000. In 2001, Judge Moss was the first judge to implement a program for referring parties in custody and divorce cases for problem gambling assessments. Judge Moss is one of two judges recognized nationally as an expert in problem gambling addictions and the law. She is proud to represent Nevada as a national speaker. Judge Moss has given presentations before Nevada judges, family law attorneys, and health care providers on problem gambling and the role of the courts. In addition, she has written articles for inclusion in the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling’s Legal Guide and the National Center for Responsible Gaming’s publication, “GAMBLING AND HEALTH IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM: A Research-based Guide about Gambling Disorders for Judges, Parole Officers, Attorneys and Other Professionals Involved in the Justice System”. In 2008-09, Judge Moss served on the Sub-Committee on Legal Issues for the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Problem Gambling. In this capacity, Judge Moss testified before the Nevada Legislature and was involved with the Sub-Committee’s successful passage of AB 102 which added problem gambling diversion treatment in criminal cases. In 2009, Judge Moss received Nevada Council on Problem Gambling’s Shannon L. Bybee Award.