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IMGL 2019 Spring Conference



Other Things to Do:

  • Take an epic streetcar ride
    • Try hopping on at Canal St in Mid-City and ride all the way down to the Mississippi. Then transfer to the St. Charles line and ride all along The Avenue and down Carrollton.
  • Swamp Boat Tour
  • Explore Bourbon Street & The French Quarter
  • Plantation Tours
  • Eat incredible food!
    • Beignets – deep fried donuts covered in powdered sugar.  This sounds simple, but the world famous Café du Monde makes them like no other.
    • Oysters – often gulped down raw
    • Gumbo – traditional thickened soup, often full of seafood and served with rice.
    • Alligator – tastes just like chicken!
    • Po’boys – the New Orleans sandwich, typically with roast beef, gravy, fried shrimp, oysters, and mayonnaise (yes I’m serious).
    • Crawfish – boiled and served spicy. Often you are expected to crack open the shells, and suck the head out.
    • For an even more in depth guide of food you have to try when visiting New Orleans click here.
  • Take a Riverboat Cruise
  • Historic Cemetery Tour