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IMGL 2018 Autumn Conference


Conference Schedule


Wednesday, September 5


Aida Room

Zofin Garden

Sponsored by CMS 

Attendees will need to meet in the lobby by 17:15 to stroll to the event.
Transportation will be available if necessary.
Buses will be in front of hotel at 17:25 to leave for Zofin Garden.
A map is available here for your view should you choose to walk. 

If anybody would like to arrange their own private transport, below are the contact details for secure taxi service in Prague. Both companies offer cars for more than 7 people, but they also need enough time in advance to order these cars. Normally they are in the centre and will be available upon request within a couple of minutes. A representative from Zofin Garden will be there so she can help people order a taxi if necessary. 

AAA taxi

(+420) 4014, (+420)  222 333 222, (+420) 729 331 133.

Profi taxi 

(+420) 140 15; (+420)   261 31 41 51  

Uber works in Prague as well for those who prefer such service.


Thursday, September 6
Morning - Plenary
Aida Room

9:00 – 9:10

Jamie Nettleton, IMGL President


9:10 – 9:30

Robert Chvátal, CEO, Sazka Group


9:30 – 10:15
Gambling and Its Contribution to Economic Growth

Impacts of gambling industry on economy varies greatly around the globe. The panel will discuss and compare contribution of land based and online business on the economy, effects of recent consolidation and large scale M&As on various industry stakeholders, as well as ways to manage gambling business reputation with investors and the general public.

Moderator: Olga Finkel, Managing Partner, WH Partners, Malta
Michael Pollock, Managing Director, Spectrum Gaming Group, USA 
Hitoshi Ishihara, Partner, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, Japan
Heathcliff Farrugia, Chief Executive Officer, Malta Gaming Authority, Malta
John McManus, Executive VP, General Counsel and Secretary, MGM Resorts International


10:15 – 11:00
How Can We Keep Crime Out of Gambling

The panel will discuss differing approaches to the common regulatory imperative of keeping gambling free from crime and the proceeds of crime. Issues will include the role of casino operators in the fight against money laundering, recent regulatory enforcement activity focussing on AML/CTF breaches, as well as what it really means to "know your client".  The session will also address the relevance of a player's source of funds and source of wealth, and investigate new challenges presented by cryptocurrency.

Moderator: Simon Planzer, Partner, Planzer Law, Switzerland
Donna More, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP, USA
Jeff Ifrah, Founding Partner, Ifrah PLLC
Chris Elliott, Solicitor, Wiggin LLP
Matthias Spitz, Senior partner, MELCHERS Law Firm

11:00 – 11:30
External Foyer


11:30 – 12:30
Sports Betting in the USA: Now that the gloves are off…who wins?

After the Supreme Court decision striking down PASPA this year, the individual states are now open for sports betting…if they want to be.   The panel will discuss the impact of Murphy v. NCAA, the status of the various states opening or looking at sports betting and who the winner and losers will be in the short run and the long run.

Moderator: Marc Ellinger, Principal, Ellinger and Associates, LLC, USA
Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier, Partner, Snell & Wilmer, LLP, USA
Keith Miller, Professor of Law, Drake University Law School, USA
Jeremy Kleiman, Member, Saiber, LLC, USA
Filippo Ferri, Director of IGaming and New Product Strategy BMM, Spain

12:40 – 13:50
Opera Room


Thursday, September 6
Afternoon Tracks
Aida + Tosca Room

Track 1: Tech in Gaming  •  Track 2: Regional Updates

14:00 – 14:45
Track 1: Blockchain (Aida Room)

This panel will discuss whether blockchain technology is revolutionary for gambling, what DLT based gambling-applications have been launched, whether they’ve gained traction or are likely to, what, if any, are the technology limitations and whether regulators and operators should invest in understanding and adopting this technology, or rather mostly continue to wait and see.

Moderator: James Scicluna, Partner, WH Partners, Malta
Andreas Glarner, Legal Partner, MME Legal | Tax | Compliance, Switzerland
Ana-Maria Baciu, Partner, Nestor Nestor Diculescu, Kingston Petersen, Romania
Joseph F. Borg, Senior Advisor, WH Partners, Malta
Gil White, Partner, Herzog Fox & Neeman
Lau Kok Keng, Partner and Head - Intellectual Property, Sports & Gaming, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Track 2: Sportsbetting – lessons to learn from regulated markets (Tosca Room)
Now that sports betting is a reality in the USA, we will hear from panelists in countries where sports betting has been regulated for many years about the pitfalls which US sports betting operators need to be aware of. We will look at the relationship between sport and betting including integrity, data rights, advertising and sponsorship.

Moderator: David Zeffman, Partner, CMS, London
Jamie Nettleton, IMGL President and Partner, Addisons Lawyers, Australia
Joe Kelly, Partner, A&L Goodbody, Ireland
Alla Serebrianskai, Partner, Asensi Abogados, Spain
Stefano Sbordoni, Partner & CEO, Sbordoni & Partners, Italy
Diane Mullenex, Partner, Head of Gaming and Gambling Practices, Pinsent Masons, France
Tom Russell, General Counsel, Genius Sports, UK

15:00 – 15:45
Track 1: GDPR (Aida Room)
The panel will discuss the first practical experience within the gambling sector with GDPR implementation and will focus on what the main challenges and opportunities were, and how the business has adapted so far. Building on that, the panelists will also discuss what can be expected in the area of privacy in the nearest future and will inevitably touch upon the expected ePrivacy Regulation and what it could mean for the gaming sector. Although the panel with have a strong European focus, the privacy landscape outside the EU and relevant developments will also be discussed.

Moderator: Vojtech Chloupek, Partner, Bird & Bird, Czech Republic
Simon Brown, Senior Privacy Manager, Paysafe, UK
Sean McGuinness, Partner, Butler Snow LLP, USA
Alan Heuston, Partner, McCann FitzGerald, Ireland
Alexia Couccoullis, Partner, Constantinos N. Couccoullis & Associates, Greece


Track 2: Latin America (Tosca Room)
Radiography of Latin America
While some jurisdictions in Latam are adapting their gaming regulations to new products, others are under discussions about how their markets should legalize gambling. Colombia has been the first jurisdiction within the region regulating online gambling and is already preparing new drafts for demanded products. A few years ago, Mexico was about to modernize its old gambling regulatory regime but the Gambling Bill got frozen due to political issues. Brazil seems to be on the edge of adopting the big step of liberalizing gaming but it seems a never-ending "take off". This session is intended to cover questions like: What is the regulatory status of some of the major jurisdictions within the region? How should international operators face the common obstacles at the time of entering in these markets? Or, is the Latam region a market just for local companies?

Moderator: Santiago Asensi, Managing Partner, Asensi Abogados, Spain
​Neil Montgomery, Founding and Managing Partner, Montgomery & Associados, Brazil
Francisco Del Real, Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Lawyer, Lazcano Sámano, S.C., Mexico
Juan Camilo Carrasco, Lawyer, Asensi Abogados, Colombia
Victor Araneda, International Business Development Director, Gaming 1, Colombia


15:45 – 16:15
External Foyer     


16:15 – 17:00
Track 1: Artificial Intelligence and Gaming: Benefits and Risks (Aida Room)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no science fiction; it is a multi-billion dollar industry vertiginously growing with almost no regulations.

The purpose of the panel is to analyze the interaction between AI, privacy and gaming; for example, the implications of AI in privacy rights, pros and cons of self-regulation in new technologies, the great importance of corporate ethics in the use of AI, the exponentiality of reputational risks in the age of Internet, the role of AI in responsible gaming, among others.

Moderator: Alfredo Lazcano, Gaming, Sports & Entertainment Lawyer, Lazcano Samano, S.C., Mexico
Ian Ince, Head of Regulation and Compliance, Playtech, UK
Hugo Luz dos Santos, International Legal Consultant; Chair of the Board of the Panel of Vantage 10, Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Law and Society; and PhD Researcher of the Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, China, Portugal
Chad Hoehne, President & CEO, Table Trac Inc., USA
Martin Britton, Managing Director, GLI EMEA, UK

Track 2: It's Hot in the Nordics (Tosca Room)
This Panel shall present the status of the ongoing liberalization of the Swedish online gambling market and what to expect when the Swedish market opens per 1 January 2019. It is as up to date as it gets, as the license process in ongoing as the conference is taking place. Further central part of the upcoming legislation has finally been presented. The Swedish liberalization is very inspired by the previous liberalization of the Danish online gambling market. On this basis, the panel, presented by an international gaming lawyer with panel members which are experts both on Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, will touch upon relevant topics of interest for operators, affiliates and digital (CPC/email) marketers targeting the lucrative Scandinavian markets. A special focus shall be made on the extent of the Swedish and Danish online gambling licenses and the current state of affairs in Norway and Finland, as well as how the local authorities in these jurisdictions can protect companies holding a valid local license from competition from international (.com) sites without said license.

Moderator: Tal Itzhak Ron, Chairman and CEO, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm, Israel 
Rolf Sims, Manager of Public Affairs, Kindred Group; Previously Senior Legal Advisor, Ministry of Culture, Norway
Ola Wiklund, Partner, Wiklund Law, Sweden
Nina Henningsen, Partner, Horten, Denmark
Ilkka Aalto-Setala, Partner, Head of Competition and Public Procurement, Borenius Attorneys, Finland

18:00 – 22:30

Lobkowicz Palace
Sponsored by SAZKA Group

**Lobkowicz Palace is approximately 15 minutes away from Carlo IV.  There will be transportation provided at Carlo IV which will accommodate guests to the Palace; please meet in the main lobby of the hotel at 17:15 if you intend on using this arranged style of transportation. If you plan on using your own mode of transportation, please give yourself plenty of time to arrive at Lobkowicz Palace. 

Also, please note that if you take your own transportation (taxi or uber), the car will only be able to drop you off down below from the main entrance of the palace due to security purposes.

Friday, September 7
Morning – Plenary Sessions
Aida Room

9:25 – 9:30

Jamie Nettleton, IMGL President

9:30 – 10:15
Regulatory ”Intervention”

The total gambling advertising ban recently introduced by the Italian government set the stage for a regulatory tsunami affecting not just the local gaming industry but also collateral sectors like sports and media largely benefiting from money generously poured by the operators to market their brands.  Now more than ever gaming regulations appear to be driven and implemented in a way and with dynamics that are not the outcome of a sound and fair consultation and interaction process between regulators, operators and other concerned stakeholders, but rather as a result of heavily biased, often ill-judged and very populist political moves aimed at gaining easy and fast consent from the constituencies. Will the latest Italian-style regulatory job make waves also across the Alps?

Moderator: Quirino Mancini, Partner, Tonucci, Italy
Francesco Rodano, Chief Policy Officer, Playtech, Italy
Morten Ronde, IMGL/Nordic Gambling, Denmark
Don Bourgeois, Principal, Gaming & Regulation Group Inc., USA
Bill Bogot, Partner, Fox Rothschild, USA


10:15 – 11:00
How Can the Industry be Truly Socially Responsible?

The panel will be addressing the social challenges that the industry is facing today, how does it react to those and how could it do things better. We will thus discuss players behaviors today versus say 10 years ago. How do Millennials behave compared to their predecessors? How does the way games are played and hence how they are designed impact responsible gambling initiatives?  How can the use of data analytics assist in tackling problem gambling? How can the industry address the societal issue it faces (and, according to some, it causes), both operators, suppliers as well as regulators.

As such, we will also discuss the models governments have followed for gambling advertising - self regulation, regulatory intervention or harsh total advertising ban.  Where gambling is seen more as a vice than a form of entertainment, is advertising for gambling a form of enticing addiction? What are the marketing effects on wider society?  In this context, do contributions for good causes count? What is the right balance between regulating the market and let it trade freely?

Moderator: Cosmina Simion, Partner, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP), Romania
Sebastian Blohm, Global Head of Corporate & Legal Affairs, ZEAL Network SE, UK
David McLeish, Partner, Wiggin LLP, UK
Jessica Maier, Melchers Law, Germany
Andrew Zammit, Managing Partner, GVZH Advocates, Malta

11:00 – 11:30
External Foyer


11:30 - 12:30
The Gaming Industry in 2018 — Where to Now?

2018 has been a very significant year in the development of the gambling sector with the liberalization of sports betting in the United States and the expansion of casinos in Europe and Japan, as well as other markets. But is expansion what 2018 will be remembered for? There has also been considerably greater restrictions brought into place in mature markets, such as Italy, the United Kingdom and Australasia.

This panel will discuss the trends that have emerged in 2018 and what it means for the gambling sector going forward. What should the sector focus on? Existing markets? Expansion of gambling and non- gambling services?

Moderator: Jamie Nettleton, IMGL President and Partner, Addisons Lawyers, Australia
Hilary Stewart-Jones, Consultant, Harris Hagan LLP, UK
Joerg Hoffman, Senior Partner, Melchers, Germany
Lau Kok Keng, Partner, Rajah & Tann, Singapore
Yahaya Maikori, Partner, Law Allianz, Lagos
Chris Hobbs, CEO Microgaming

12:30 - 13:45
Opera Room


Friday, September 7 Afternoon
Discussion Groups

Attendees will note that on this afternoon of the conference agenda, there are four Discussion Groups. Each will be facilitated by panelists from different jurisdictions and are designed to enable IMGL to remain at the forefront of the industry's regulatory development. The Conference Committee believes that IMGL should continue to show leadership in the key issues and challenges affecting the industry. As such, the Prague sessions will cover the following topics:

·         Being a socially responsible industry

·         Keeping crime out of the gaming industry

·         Diversity in the gaming industry; and

 ·        The convergence of the gaming and video games industries.

Nearer the time, we will publish discussion points on the conference website and ask delegates to prepare questions in advance in order to participate in the discussions on the day.

14:00 – 15:15

Track 1: Keeping Crime Out of Gaming
Aida Room

Tamsin Blow, Partner, CMS, London
John Maloney, Principal and General Counsel, Law Offices of John K. Maloney, USA
Gordon Dickie, Executive Director, Seminole Tribal Gaming Commission, USA
Britt Singletary, Partner, Singletary & Thrash, P.A., USA

Track 2: Promoting a Socially Responsible Industry
Tosca Room

Michael Lipton, Senior Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP, Canada
Trevor de Giorgio, Chief Legal Officer, Greentube, Malta
Steve Ketteley, Partner, Wiggin LLP, UK
Adam Rivers, Associate Director, KPMG LLP, UK

Track 3: Diversity in Gaming
Carmen Room
Donna More, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP, USA
Mike McBride, Chair, Indian Law & Gaming Practice Group, Crowe & Dunlevy, P.C., USA
Diane Mullenex, Partner, Head of Gaming and Gambling Practices, Pinsent Masons LLP, France
Veronique Dos Reis, Legal, Compliance and Regulatory affairs Manager, Pinnacle Sports, USA


15:15 – 15:45
External Foyer


15:45 – 17:00

Track 1: Keeping Crime Out of Gaming
Aida Room
Tamsin Blow, Partner, CMS, London
John Maloney, Principal and General Counsel, Law Offices of John K. Maloney, USA
Gordon Dickie, Executive Director, Seminole Tribal Gaming Commission, USA
Britt Singletary, Partner, Singletary & Thrash, P.A., USA

Track 2: Promoting a Socially Responsible Industry
Tosca Room
Michael Lipton, Senior Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP, Canada
Trevor de Giorgio, Chief Legal Officer, Greentube, Malta
Steve Ketteley, Partner, Wiggin LLP, UK
Adam Rivers, Associate Director, KPMG LLP, UK

Track 3: When Gambling and Games Collide
Carmen Room
Justin Franssen, Head of Gaming, Sports & Entertainment Practice Group, Kalff, Katz & Franssen, Amsterdam
Piotr Dynowski, Partner, Bird & Bird, Poland


17:00 – 17:10
from the IMGL President


17:10 – 18:40

Carlo IV, External and Internal Foyer
Sponsored by Play’n Go