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IMGL 2017 Autumn Conference

The Gala dinner 






The Closing Reception will be held at Restaurant Almanak at The Standard


"Our name pays tribute to the history of our Art Deco building which Danish architect and Royal Building Inspector Kristoffer Nyrop Varming designed in 1937 in the midst of the golden age of timeless “standards” composed by George Gershwin, Cole Porter and the likes.

The architect’s great grandson Søren Varming designed our logos. And that is just one of many examples of how The Standard will be offering new wine in old bottles, from contemporary cutting-edge cuisine that respects the tradition but isn’t afraid of boldly reinventing it, to top echelon jazz music that courageously mixes the known with the unknown, the old with the new.

We reside beautifully on Gammelholm in the City of Copenhagen, surrounded by the inner harbor, the Slotsholm Canal, the Holmen Canal and Nyhavn. In the summer we offer 60 meters covered terrace with three meters to the harbor."